SQL query component

Is there any component that I can use to display the SQL query that's being used to generate a result? Like a text component that shows the sql query that is being run by the engine

Hey @Tomp1998!

You can set up alert components that correspond to any queries you want to track and then hide them whenever those queries aren't running. Does that sound like what you're looking for?

Hi Kabirdas!

I don't know. I want to be able to see the query (The code it self) that's being generated and runned by the engine.

Hey Tomp1998, unfortunately, there isn't a way to display the exact query that is sent to your resource within Retool. You can see a preview of the query in the box that drops down below the input field if you click into the input field.

If you're just trying to preview your query, then that might help!

hey @everett_smith ! Is there a similar preview for queries composed in GUI mode?

@awilly, You should be able to see how all of the individual inputs are evaluated in the same way.