SQL data queery for beginner

Hey All,

Im new to retool and struggling hard but I see its potential to work for me. I have a question about using a text input field to query where it is located on a disk.

First stage will be just get a button to trigger the event where it fetches the asset in question. From there I need to convert to a human readable path either in an json file format or something similar. If anyone has any retool guid for something along this line I would really appreciate.

Im not the best at this but willing to learn!


Hey @Maxthemillion!

Would you mind describing the flow you're going for in a bit more detail?

  • It sounds as though the file is stored in the user's local file system is that correct?
  • Would you be prompting them to select a file with a file picker?
  • How do you need to use the file/path in your app?

As far as I know, you won't be able to programmatically access local files from your browser, though you may be able to do so with some user interaction.

Hey ! apologies, I described my issue poorly. Im using a mongo database and wanted to do was have a search function for specific items. So a text input to queery defined values with a button, when having a value to search against, populates a json editor window.

What comes to mind is a text input that's referenced in a MongoDB query that might look something like this, to grab data from your DB:

  $or: [
    {name: {$regex: {{textInput1.value}} }},
    {email: {$regex: {{textInput1.value}} }}

Then, I can imagine passing those results to a JSON editor using a transformer to get the format you'd want. I'm not sure that's what you're looking for though, curious to see what you have set up already.