Split button missing color styling

The split button seems to have lost it's styling options for me, see screenshots:

The docs definitely reference it Split Button | Retool Component Library

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Same problem here. Toggle buttons also lost their appearance edition, please let me know if you find a way of fixing this!

Bump on this one, no response in the slack channels either, maybe we have to raise it in discord to get heard

I already raised this in the discord before posting here :frowning:

The button does change colors if it is in a container that has nested styles...

they fixed it here! @w2go @dcartlidge . everything working normally

I still don't see it :man_shrugging:.
Can you post a screenshot?

Sure! Mine just came back to what it was before:

Hmm... its not showing up like that for me...
@dcartlidge Does it work for you?

Yes, all fixed for me

Ok, now it works.