Something wrong with the programming environment

I have serious difficulty operating my application and I have tried a lot of things to fix it without success.

One thing I have noticed is that my await statements are all coloured to indicate that they are not found. (see below).

I have 70 mbps of upload speed and 11 mbps download speed which has been fine in the past.

Any thoughts?


Hi Mike,

I don't have any answers but just wanted to drop a link to an existing issue which I and others are experiencing that seems related:

All components are not defined

As this was reported in Sept. 2023 (so, 6 months ago) it'd be great if we could get some movement from Retool support here. I owe them a response at that thread but have been too busy, but it seems widespread enough that I don't think it all hinges on my exporting an app :slight_smile:

Thank you Dominick.

Some days it works fine and other days, not so much. I have been rewriting my code to work around the problems. But I am never sure if they will come back.


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