Simple number/currency format

Newbie question. I'm getting a number in a JSON response that I want to display read-only on the screen, but want to format it as USD on the screen ($ #.##).

Is there a library of currency and/or date formatters in Retool, or do I have to use plain-old JavaScript for this?

@mscongdon depending on how you want to display this information there are options like columns in a table that already come with formatting.
Number Input component also has formatting feature and can also be made to be read only
Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 9.50.15 AM
Look further down in the Inspect column and you will see Read only - set that to true

Hey @mscongdon, @ScottR is exactly right that you could use a Currency Column type

or a Number Input component set to read-only for this.

If you didn't mind getting javascript involved, you could use a text component and the Intl.NumberFormat global object to format your currency.