Show events on Calendar based on multiselect value

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a way to implement a calendar component that can display appointments from my Retool database. In my database, there's a column with the email addresses of users associated with these appointments. My goal is to place a multiselect component alongside the calendar component, which will display the email addresses of users. When one or more users are selected in this multiselect, I want the corresponding appointments for these selected users to be displayed in the calendar.

In summary, I want to provide the user with the ability to select multiple users in a multiselect component, and then have the appointments of these selected users displayed in a single calendar component. Does anyone know if this is achievable?

I am sorry but the issue is resolved by querying the calendar input with the following query:

FROM "RRE_agenda"
WHERE "Afspraak_voor_user" = {{multiselect1.value[0]}}
OR "Afspraak_voor_user" = {{multiselect1.value[1]}}

Last thing is that the [i] is not possible to use? Now I need to manually add the OR statements to the query. Anyone a solution for this?

Take a look at

For example,

select * from test where email = ANY({{ multiselect1.value }});