Show error messages more then a few seconds :)

When retool shows an error message it only shows for a 1 or 2 seconds, would be nice to just keep it open and have the X to close it.

Example in workflows


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hey @Sander !
if you want it to show for more than a couple seconds, could you just change the notification duration (in the response tab)?

or if you want to last longer, you could have an "on failure" condition that opens a modal and inserts the error (or even simpler - you could have it go to local storage)

these aren't workflows fixes, but might reoslve some of the issues you encounter in app

I second this request. I would like a checkbox option which enables a Close button of some kind on the error toast, forcing the user to see and acknowledge the error.

Yes, manually adding an error modal works, but I like this option as well.

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Where is the response tab?

The response tab is available in desktop apps:

Workflows queries have a different configuration and unfortunately there isn't a way to set notification duration at the moment. If it gets included we can let you know here though!

I wanted to raise this issue as well. I'm getting a "Dependency Cycle Found" error that is unrelated to a query, and have had to screenshot the error in order to read it. Since it isn't a query, there is no way to change the timeout. Are errors logged anywhere accessible? They're not in the console. It's making it more difficult to debug my app.