Show aggregate of the table column


how can i show the aggregate (sum ) of a column of all rows of the table in a text below the table or if i can add aggregate row as the last row of the table ?

Hello @codenayak

Don't know about having a total row in table component, but to calc the total of a column, I'd use: {{_.sum( => d.DieselCash))}} and using displayedData makes the total updated to the table filter state.
You can use data but you need to convert as Array first using formatDataAsArray.

Hope this help

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thanks, it works.
i have another problem the sum of values are in string format so sum is concateneting the values instead of summation in number format , how do i solve this.

@codenayak it looks like your numbers are strings.
Prepend + for a fast type coercion, so in your case +d.DieselCash