How do I count or sum the content of multiple table rows?

So I have a table:

Item Name (Col1), Amount (Col2) x 5 rows

How Can I get the total sum of 'amount' from the 5 rows?


Hi @toby! Are you looking to do something like this?

In my example, you could also just do {{ currentRow.film_id + currentRow.inventory_id + currentRow.store_id }} instead of using the _.sum function.

More the other way round, sum store_id

but what you did has given me an idea, so I'll have a look and update back.


So there's no current column selection which is a bit blah.

So will need to figure out another way.. ideas?

If I understood correctly, you can just create a JS query that SUMS up the Total cell of all columns, wouldn't that work for you?

yup - Just not clear on how to access that data?