Set proper mime type for Google Cloud Bucket upload

When uploading a file to a GCP bucket, the file type options are VERY limited. Based on the connector settings only “JSON”, “CSV”, and “BINARY” are available and this cannot be set via code when calling the connector. Having a specific file type for a connector is really limiting.

My feature request is to add an “AUTO” option for the file type. Google Cloud is pretty good at determining a file type and setting it’s Content-Type (i.e. type in Google console) upon upload. This is at least our experience writing against GCP directly with its SDK.

Our use case with Retool is that we are uploading image files (.jpg, .png, .svg) to Google a google bucket, and for each file we upload we have to manually run from the command line a gcloud command to update the type of that file as the Retool connector always set’s it to binary.

Please advise if this isn’t enough detail for this feature request.

Thank you.

Thank you Brett! I’ll get this down as a feature request.

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Any traction on this feature request?

Hey there Brett,

I currently have a PR under review to add the ability to specify custom comtent-types on GCS upload queries. Once this gets merged, you will be able to choose to either use one of the 4 presets, or switch to a free-entry field and specify your own type, similar to how you can in an S3 query currently: