Google Cloud Storage integration - "Set File Metadata" Content-Type is not working

Hi there,

I'm trying to change a file's type by using the Set File Metadata action type with the Google Cloud Storage integration.

I'm trying to set Content-Type:image/png

See screenshot below for my configuration:

I get a toast that says that it worked, and when I read the file in retool, it does show under metadata.

But when I check the file in gcloud, the content type is not changed.

However, when updating manually through the GUI or gsutil, the contentType does change, and everything works as expected

After doing this, and inspecting the object again via retool, I see that contentType is set to image/png

Any idea how to accomplish this via retool?

I would just set the image type from the get-go but that doesn't seem to be working either (see: Set proper mime type for Google Cloud Bucket upload), so at the moment, we are stuck.