"SequelizeConnectionError: self signed certificate in certificate chain" when upgrading

Currently, I am deploying self-hosted retool on ECS based on retool-onpremise/fargate.yaml at master · tryretool/retool-onpremise · GitHub . My current version is 2.76.25.

When I try to update to 2.86.12 (the latest version), the following error occurs and the update fails.

It seems like the solution is to "pass rejectUnauthorized: false to the sequelize connection parameters inside of dialectOptions" according to stack overflow: javascript - SequelizeConnectionError: self signed certificate - Stack Overflow . I wonder wheter retool image could make this change.

Hey @dlwocks31!

I think we may have broken our latest version earlier today, but it should be working now. Could you try upgrading to the latest again?

Let me know how it goes! :crossed_fingers:

Yes, I can confirm that everything works in the latest version! Thanks!

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