Self-Hosted Account/Billing FAQ

Hey this is Jay - Escalation Engineer on Retool’s Customer Service team. We receive a lot of inquiries about account/billing for our Self-Hosted plans. I created this FAQ to clarify a lot of those issues:

How do I change the plan for our Self-Hosted account? I go to settings and it will not let me change my plan.
This is not possible from your actual Self-Hosted instance. Your Self-Hosted instance will only reflect the plan you are currently using.

The billing admin (aka the person who signed up for the license key you deployed with) will have to log-in to

The billing admin will be able to click on Plans and Billing and will be able to see the license key at the top. We recommend confirming that the license key reflects the one in your deployments environmental variables. Your Self-Serve license key will start with ‘SSOP’.

The billing admin will be able to change plans on this screen and change billing methods by clicking on Go to portal on the lower right of the screen.

How can I change the billing admin of our Self-Hosted account?

The billing admin can change the email after logging into and clicking on Settings after clicking on the user icon on the upper right.

Our billing admin is no longer with our organization. Can I be made billing admin for our account?

Unfortunately, we are unable to grant billing admin rights. You will need to reset password at and access the billing admin’s email account, or create a new license key with the same plan and change the license key in your deployments environmental variables. You can reach out to our Customer Service team and we will be able to downgrade the original license key to the Free plan to stop all billing.

I changed our plan in (or I had a Feature Flag toggled by Support) but my Self-Hosted instance does not reflect the changes. Why can I not see the changes?

Your Self-Hosted instance will run a license check every 6 hours so you can just wait for that to automatically happen. You can also either restart your deployment, or an admin of your Self-Hosted instance (not the billing admin at can go to Settings > Advanced and click on Check Key to run a License Check

Can I reuse my license key on multiple deployments to create different environments?

This is a feature that is only available on Enterprise plans.

Can I have more than 25 users on my Self-Hosted instance?

This is a feature that is only available on Enterprise plans. Please book a demo to speak with a member of our Sales team to discuss your use-case.