SelectedRowIndex for table does not update in module

  • Goal: When the input of module changes the selected row of table should update

  • Steps: Passing the new key value in the input of module and used it directly in the table property

  • Details:

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  • App json export:

I have a module that has a table in it.

I have an app that uses this module in it.

My steps are:

  1. In the app when I try to edit a record I pass a 'userSelectedPromptId' (if any else its undefined) to the module which should select the respective record in the table present inside the module.

  1. I try to edit the second record in the app and pass a 'userSelectedPromptId' (if any else its undefined) to the module still the old record is selected inside the module.

Passing the parameters to module

Ideally since the 'id' is undefined none of the row should be selected.

Logic in module to select the row

The issue persists even if I pass a new 'userSelectedPromptId'