Select Parents in Cascader / Hierarchical Table

Hi there,

I have a set of categories, and each category can have an arbitrary number of child-categories. The child-categories themselves can have children as well.

Now I want to be able to select any category, and I don't know which component to use. The cascader looks very close to what I need, but as far as I can tell it is only possible to select categories without children. Is it possible to select parents as well?

I saw a few feature requests regarding a hierarchical table, that would help me a lot as well...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @Jakob, I think you're on the right path on having the cascader component be the best choice for this. I think a work around to selecting the parent would be adding the parent's name in the final list. The other approach to this would be to use multiple select components and filter your options for the next select component depending on your 'parent' value.