Select Default evaluates correctly but doesn't display

I am using a Select component, and I have the following options:

Labels: ["Empty", "Filled","Unavailable","Snoozed"]
Default Value: {{ ? : "FILLED"}}

The problem is the Default Value evaluates correctly every time, but when it evaluates to the "FILLED" default that doesn't show up at all in the dropdown. When I click in the Default value field I see the dropdown saying it evaluates to FILLED, but the actual select just shows the Placeholder.

If I go into the Default value equation and do anything, even just adding a space, then it displays the correct value in the Select, so it's just not loading the default values into the display on page load for some reason.

Spoke with support and ends up this is a bug where if you reference a query that is disabled in a JS script, then the result won't display as the default (even if the point of that JS script is to check if the query ran and display a default value if not). The script will evaluate correctly, but it won't display the result in the actual component. Bug fix request has been added to their queue.

Hi @aharwood, we pushed an update that potentially fixes this issue! Just want to check back in here and make sure your app is now functioning properly.

@Kabirdas Hmmm I just tested it out and still an issue for me.

My mistake! I associated this case with a similar issue that had been fixed but it looks like your specific case is still being looked into. I'll post again when there's an update on that - sorry for the confusion.

Did this get resolved as I note the last update from you was the Oct 21

Hi @mobix,

Thanks for checking in. Not yet! This one is still in progress, but we'll keep this thread updated when that changes


Just wanted to check and see if any fix for this bug has happened. I believe I'm still experiencing the same issue.

Hi @Solax3D Thanks for checking in! Can you share some screenshots of your setup? I don't see that this bug has been marked complete internally, but I'm no longer able to reproduce this issue in my account :thinking: Hopefully, that means we can sort out a solution for you :crossed_fingers: