Select All Table Component

Please add the ability to select all rows in a table with either
(1) a button at the top of the table [like the “clear selection”]
(2) a keyboard macro OPTION + Click to select everything between selection [like excel]

Hey! The keyboard idea is great - we are hoping to have a sprint at some point soon where we focus on adding keyboard shortcuts to Retool :slight_smile:
As for selecting all rows … you could bring in a separate button and then have a Run JS Code query that looks like this: table1.selectRow(_.range(0, … just make sure the table enables selecting multiple rows!

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awesome! Thanks.

How did that keyboard shortcut sprint go? It would be a great addition to have a list of them :grin:

Hey! We have not prioritized this yet but will let you know as soon as we get to it

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We actually have added Keyboard shortcuts in now! You can do the original goal here now in the top right … menu of the app like this:

And how can we add the SHIFT shortcut to select a row until another row?