Seeking Expertise: Retool Workflow Scheduled Trigger Issue - Need Your Insight!

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I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently facing a challenge with a Retool workflow and could use some guidance. Despite successfully running each component manually, I'm encountering difficulties when attempting to implement the Scheduled Trigger to run the workflow hourly.

I've followed the necessary steps, ensuring the Scheduled Trigger is enabled and deployed. However, the workflow never seems to run as expected.

Upon clicking the "Run" button, I'm confronted with a series of errors:





I'm wondering if I might have misconfigured something in the setup. Additionally, I'm curious about any methods available for checking the Retool log for "Internal server error" and rectifying the underlying code.

As someone relatively new to Retool and this forum, any insights, ideas, or guidance you could provide would be immensely appreciated. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's additional information I should provide to help diagnose the issue.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

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Hey @coda1024
I can't speak to the specific error that you are getting, since it seems to be a generic HTTP 500.
Here are a couple of things that might help:
Click the "Run History" in the bottom left corner of your workflow, and select your most recent run.
You may be able to get better error messages.

Another thing you could try, that might help narrow down the problem:

  1. Open up your workflow
  2. Top right hand corner, click the ellipsis (Three dots), and select "Export to JSON"
  3. Exit out of your workflow, and return to the "Workflows Browser".
    (Where you would pick which workflow to edit)
  4. Create a new workflow, but select "From JSON" and upload your export from above.
  5. Try scheduling, deploying, and triggering your workflow again.

Hi there!

Thanks a lot for your quick response and suggestions. I followed your instructions, and unfortunately, the Run History shows a blank black square, and exporting/importing the workflow didn't resolve the issues either.

I appreciate your guidance, and I'm planning to give it another shot by reinstalling retool. Hopefully, that might do the trick. If you have any more insights or recommendations, feel free to share.

Thanks again for your assistance!

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Fantastic news! :tada: I'm thrilled to find that reinstalling retool did the trick and everything is up and running smoothly now.

Happy workflow-ing! :rocket:

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