Scripting possible in python?

Would be helpful for python developers. Especially with GraphQL queries


We just wrote a guide on how to trigger scripts to run in any language from Retool here. The example code uses javascript, but it's based on Docker so you can run any language you want, including python. Would love to hear if that helps you or anyone else in the mean time!

Is this available on-prem now?

Hey @scheung38! We still don’t offer python in Retool apps, but you can use python in Retool Workflows :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @victoria: Sorry but as a new user, what is app vs workflow?

Great question and no apologies needed!

An app is the main Retool product (you can build web apps by drag-and-dropping components and writing queries to your data). A Workflow is one of our new products and is a way to build automation logic in response to a webhook or cron trigger!

Let me know if you have any other questions at all :slight_smile:

Hey @victoria, we are also very interested in using Python over JS, but I don't see it possible even for Workflows on our latest on-prem build. When can we expect it please? :slight_smile:

Hey @Jakub_Bahyl! Great question. It's currently available for Workflows on Cloud and we're aiming to support Python for Workflows On Prem by Q3 of this year, but no timelines set just yet.