Python in Retool

For the first time I am getting Retool to give me AI advice.

I am trying to write a procedure with IF ELSE statements and the AI response is telling me that it would be better to write this code in PYTHON.

I have tried to add a new block of code but I do not see Python as an option. Yet, I have heard that Retool is introducing this feature.

Is it possible to write code in Python from within Retool?


Within Workflows at the moment from what I understand

As @ScottR says, in Retool workflows, we can use Python. In Retool Apps not yet. @SigmaverseDev, when can we expect this to be possible in Retool Apps?


Thanks Scott:

I take that it will eventually come to our neck of the woods at a later date.


@mdsmith1 Definitely let us know if you have any questions about implementing Workflows

@PatrickMast, I think Python support in apps will come at some point, given the support in Workflows, but it's not on our current roadmap. I'll share this request internally & post back here if we add it!

Thank you @Tess!