Same options for modal buttons as for normal buttons

It would be nice if we could have the same options for modal buttons as for normal buttons.

Similar to Symetrical disabled styling for modals and normal buttons

E.g. I can't have the same prefix or suffix icons for a modal that I can for a normal button?


Hello hello! As a quick workaround, would you be able to use a regular button whose event handler opens a modal that is hidden from the canvas? Hiding a modal will just hide the button that opens it, so you'll still be able to trigger it open :blush:

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I will try this. Thanks.


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you have any questions!

Is this bug fix planned for a future release?

Hey @Ara! I don't believe we plan on implementing any changes to the modal button soon, though we do have the workaround of just using a regular button to trigger the modal to open and hiding the modal button.

Would that work for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm using the workaround currently but it causes issues with layout. As an example, these menu items each open a modal, but the menu is not vertically centering properly because the hidden buttons still take up space in the module.

Oh yikes :flushed: hmmm the hidden modal buttons shouldn’t be doing this. I’ll try to recreate a similar setup and might end up filing a bug report for this - will keep you updated!

Hey @Ara! Would you be able to share your JSON export of your app? Haven't been able to repro, so I must be doing something wrong :sweat_smile: No data will be exported (just component structures and query text) so it's safe to share, but either way, feel free to DM me if that works better for you!

I managed to work around the issue by disabling "always show in edit mode" for the hidden modal triggers.

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