S3 integration download files as ".txt"


When downloading a file using the default s3 integration, the file extension of the downloaded file is always ".txt", no matter what the Content-type of the s3 file is.

Last week, the same integration was working fine, it seems like it broke around last thursday / fridray.

Here is the query that I was using for a year, that stopped working last week.

In this case, the file should be downloaded as ".png", but it's beeing downloaded as ".txt" :confused:

Hey @NilsCam!

That seems to correspond with the release of 2.103.2. So far, though, I haven't been able to reproduce the behavior on my end. Are you seeing the same thing if you create a new instance of the query in your query library? How about if you recreate the query in your app?

Edit: After conferring with the team we have been able to repro similar behavior. It seems like this may have to do with whether or not file extensions are present in the file name. It looks like the extension is present in originalname, but has the name been modified to no longer include the extension? Is the extension present in the Key?

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Hey @Kabirdas,

In my tests the file extension was not present in the Key :+1:

However, the contentType is present in the image metadata and last week my files were downloaded with the correct extension thanks to this.

Got it, thanks for confirming and flagging this behavior!

It looks from our end like a regression as well. We're looking to push a fix for it, though there's a chance it won't be released until next week.

Thanks for your response!

Could you update this thread when a fix is pushed? :smiley:


Hey @NilsCam, our release schedule has been pushed back a bit due to the holiday, but this is still high on our radar. Just want to let you know that it hasn't been dropped although the patch is coming later than expected.

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Hey folks! As of 2.106.0 this behavior should be back to normal, respecting file types regardless of if the extension is included in the key. Please let us know here if you're still having trouble!

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Hey @Kabirdas,

We tested our apps after the update, it was working fine until 2 hours ago, now our files are being downloaded as ".txt" again. Did you publish another change or revert?

Thanks for your help

Sorry about the confusion, we reverted back to 2.105.0 at ~3:35AM Pacific Time due to a separate issue, this fix will be live again as soon as we're back on 2.106.0.