S3 After Upload Callback missing

Hi there,
the retool documentation says that there is an "After Upload" callback inititated by the S3-Uploader
see https://docs.retool.com/docs/upload-photos-to-s3#2-save-the-s3-url-part-1

But I cannot find it anywhere

Hi @Jorg_Segers

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll request to have our docs updated, as that screenshot is very outdated.

The new way to trigger an action after upload is through an event handler:

Hi I came across this while attempting to use this event handler but I am having trouble getting it to trigger. We are trying to set a variable using the uploaded file's name and key, but nothing is happening when the upload is complete. However if I look at the upload state it has a value for "lastUploadedFileUrl", so I know that is working but still the variable does not update.

Hi @zpieratt37

Can you share the data structure of newEmailAttachments ?

The key path for set in should be an array of keys, similar to these examples:

Your 2nd example helped us, thanks so much we have it working now! We had an incorrect key path set.

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Glad it's working now!