Revoke access for retool homepage with certain user groups

Hello, I'm building a retool app thats accessible by my customers externally. However, I want them to only be able to access the web app and not be able to go to the retool homepage and default workspace. In the default workspace, they're able to click through the web app folders and delete folders. How do I revoke access to this and only keep them within the confines of my web app?

I've set the user advanced setting where the user group gets automatically routed to the dashboard homepage, but they can still choose to go to the retool homepage from the bottom left.

Hi @wujerry2000, If you have a Business plan or above, we can restrict user access by updating their permissions with Permission Groups.
As @Kabirdas mentioned in this topic, if the permissions are set to "Edit App" for "All Users" (default setting), they will be able to edit apps/delete folders. However, we can update the "All Users" group to viewers by going to Settings -> Permissions -> All Users -> Select access type -> Use all

This will prevent them from deleting folders and editing apps but they will still be able to access all apps as viewers. To keep users within the confines of one app, then we'll need to customize their access. It is a similar process but select "Define specific app access" instead of "Use all."

Here is a screenshot of the permissions settings for my organization that makes it so my users can only see one app.

And here is how the homepage now looks like for my users if they find a way to navigate to it:

Let me know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: