Return query result in a new column of a table

i'm very new to retools, sql, i don't know nothing at programming so i'm learning... for my question everything is on the screenshot: why my "column 12" shows 0 0 0 0 0 0 instead of 13 13 13 13... ? what step did i miss? thank you so much for your help

try adding .days_diff after data in the Value field

Hey @Emmanuelle_S! Did Scott's suggestion help here? :slight_smile:

thank you, i had finally found another way, i displayed my entire table in the current query with the added column..... and gave up this test-work for a few days
thank you very much @ScottR for your help!!! i'm trying your solution right now (there is so much to learn)

maybe i've missed something.. it doesn't work

it seems we have to do like this: specify all the column to create a new table, and the column created in the current queru... it works like this...

Awesome, I'm very glad to hear you got it to work for you! Thank you for the update and create new posts anytime you get blocked again :slight_smile: