Retool student pricing

As per the information on pricing, I found that Retool offers special pricing for students (in particular, it provides a free upgrade to the business plan).

I am a PhD student who has already built an app using retool (registered using my .edu email) and plans to conduct a user study by asking participants to briefly use the app. It would be really convenient to have a public link to the app that can be shared with participants just before the study, so they can use it and provide their feedback, without having to log in or register before.

Before I launch the study, I would like to confirm the following:
a) does the business plan allow public access to the app? (the option is disabled for the free plan)
b) how do I get the free upgrade to the business plan? (I already filled out the form linked here but have yet to receive any further information on the same).

Hey @satreja!

Yes, the business plan allows for access to Public Apps (some documentation here). It looks like your account was also recently approved for the Education Discount so you should have access to the Business plan for free :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to reach out if you run into any issues!

Kabirdas, could you check my account as well. Satreja thanks for bringing this up.