Retool on-premise fails with "pending database migrations" log

Hi team,
The Retool on-premise instance is failing with '502 Bad Gateway' screen. When we check the log, we see this message ever second until the container crashes.
"There are 34 pending database migrations, checking for up-to-date schema in 1 second(s)..."

FYI, we are on AWS ECS and RDS(pgSQL) to host Retool, and there were no DB migrations or Retool updates we triggered.


Hi @Shawn-Jung, thanks for surfacing this and sorry to hear about it. I'm asking our team internally about the best course of action you can take here and will report back.

As a first step, can you run ./ from the container?

FYI, the error is gone next day and the Retool instance is functioning fine. We assume it might be due to a kind of network issue within AWS. Thank you for following up together Gopal, Avinash and Alina.

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