Retool login inaccessible after deploying to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We followed the guide to deploy a self-hosted instance of Retool to k8s (we are using AKS). I have followed all instructions, including the setting for the insecure cookies, but we cannot access the login page (no response). I have confirmed that the k8s cluster is accessible by deploying another test container that responds. One thing we have noticed is that the jobs-runner pod will not start. It just says pending.

Are there additional requirements that must be met for Retool to run on AKS?

Hey @tj.couey!

Would you mind sharing the logs for your jobs-runner pod? It might help if we can also see your config files (with any sensitive information redacted). If there's any information you'd be open to share but rather not post here you can feel free to DM me as well!