Retool logging users out without notification

None yet @bg1900. Can I ask how frequently does this happen?

almost every day

Are you by chance sharing your account or working from multiple tabs at once?

Another thing you may want to check is if short sessions is enabled if you're on prem.

I do have multiple tabs open almost always and on multiple computers at the same time

where does the option for USE_SHORT_SESSIONS exist in? (this is not an option I have set so I imagine it should still be set to 1 week)

This is likely the underlying cause. Best practice is to work from only one tab at at time. Retool automatically saves changes and if you have multiple editor windows open for the same app, changes made in one window can be overwritten by another. To avoid this, try to close all inactive windows.

If this happens again, check if your changes are retrievable via Version and release apps | Retool Docs.

Another thing worth noting: sessions time out by default at 7 days (as you mentioned above). Is it possible the that prompted you to resign-in aged passed 7 days?

There's an open request to add a warning about that opening additional tabs can cause this behavior that I've linked this conversation to on your behalf!

Let me know if you implementing this helps resolve your issue or if you continue to run into issues.

Where you add this option is dependent on how you've deployed Retool. See below for general guidance:

  • Open your environment variables file, which could be a .env file, your Docker Compose file (for example), or in your Retool deployment settings.

  • Add USE_SHORT_SESSIONS=true to reduce session lengths for increased security.

  • Save changes and restart your Retool instance for the changes to take effect.
    Please ensure the variable is set correctly as they are case-sensitive. Adjusting session length can impact user experience, so inform your users as they may need to log in more frequently.

Refer to the following documentation for more information:

This is multiple tabs with different apps. Are you saying that Retool is only designed to operate 1 app at a time per user?

Also, to be clear, the issue of logging out is for end user mode, not for editor mode.

No, it is not past 7 days that it is asking to resign in.

I am not sure what change you want me to try to implement to fix this?
turning on SHORT_SESSIONS seems like it would make things worse, right?

In this case I would not implement setting this to true. I was just explaining how those variables are set. My mistake if that wasn't clear!

no problem, just wanted to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding. Thanks so much for your help with this!

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Thanks for clarifying. The comment I left above is specifically about editing one app in multiple tabs.

We definitely don't want users running into issues like this. It doesn't look like this is a wide-spread outage. This may be specific to your configuration. What methods you're using to sign into retool (email/password or if SSO, which type)?

Happy to help!

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Is this happening in webapps or on mobile? Would you mind testing to see if logging out from one browser or device logs you out of all sessions?

Web apps.

Logging out of one browser or device does not log every other device or browser out

Are these users signing in with Google? If not, what SSO are they using?

just email/password. no SSO

I've added this to our ticket. I'll continue researching and reach out if I have any trouble shooting steps or updates. Thank you!

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