Retool forms phone number country code

Any ideas how to fix this team?


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I'm currently facing a similar issue. Even tried to set the default value as '+971' , the UAE country code. It works in the editor but in my public link i get the following. Did you manage to find a work around ?


Also when i continue to fill in the form it corrects it self to the right country. Feel like there's an issue with the default values of the phonenumber input.


Me too. It should be a bug of Retool Form, and I also can not find workaround solution.
currently also have to set default value to get the correct phone number, and then only country flag is wrong.

if you put a default value does it still happen or is actually typing the only way to get it to show the correct country code?

Yes even with default value set to '+971' it shows us flag as phone country code in public link. As soon as i type a number it correctly identifies, i'm assuming it's a state issue