Retool for quick experiments, anyone?

Hello there,

I'm wondering if there's someone here that uses Retool not only to build internal tools to solve specific problems but also to experiment, by making quick prototypes in an iterative way, to validate ideas, with POC, etc.

I'd be happy to read about some examples.


Hi @abusedmedia,

Oh yes! I use Retool to experiment and create quick prototypes to validate ideas. It's a powerful and flexible platform to help me validate my ideas quickly and easily. I use it to create user interfaces so I can quickly explain my ideas to others, or explain my vision for an app to a developer.

For example, I recently used Retool to prototype a new feature for our CRM system. This allowed me to test the feature with a small group of users and get feedback before rolling it out to everyone.

Works great for me!



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Hi @PatrickMast

Prototyping functional ui is a great way to move fast in product development.

From my side, I find it great to make real functions quickly to validate ideas for possible features.
For instance, I recently make one on a e-shop, integrating the product database with the weather api in order to personalize the product listing based on location and current weather.

I think a platform like Retool can unlock such possibility, fostering continuous experiment and R&D within companies.

Hope to read more from other!