Retool environments access right


I have 4 environments, And I have to provide some access rights.
For eg., the production API should be only available to high-level management.
And rest can be accessed by any other teammates.

Is there a way I can do this

There is a way except you would have to resources set up for production specifically and then add the group under advanced tab where the query is being called:
For example:
Query 1 uses the resource: ResourceForHighLevelManagement
and then add the group to the following field

So there is no direct way to do this? I have to setup a separate production resource, then i have to clone the app to consume that resource right?

Hi @Karan :wave:

At the moment we don't provide environment-level permissions however it is something that our engineers are considering, we'll keep you up to date here if it's implemented!

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Any workarounds?

seems to be duplicate of User permission for environment - #5 by victoria

Yep! The workaround you posted there of conditionally hiding components or disabling queries using logic based on retoolContext.environment and currentUser.groups is the best that I have to recommend, given you're ok with the caveats Victoria mentioned in that thread.

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