Retool Database - Max Number of Decimals for "Numeric"?

Hey folks --
It seems that the max decimals that I can have in the local Retool PostGres database is 10, with a 15 total size on the field. Is this correct? If so, that's a major limitation. If not, how do I increase those details. I don't seem to be able to.

Does it need to be double precision? Maybe use varchar?

For what kind of field? Postgres double precision has is by default minimum 15 decimal digits.

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This is in the Retool Database, which I guess is still pretty buggy and I shouldn't be using it. I originally set it to Numeric on set up, but it seems that Retool has switched it to "number" and reduced the decimal places to 10. When I look at the field with Navicat's inspector, it shows numeric (15,10) and I can't change it. The Retool interface doesn't let me modify the number of decimals higher than 10 when I attempt to edit the field. And I can't set the total number of digitals from 15, which I guess is just the default?
See the images here:

Hi @warlock thanks for reaching out about this! It seems like this is the default range available :disappointed: Any chance Scott's suggestion of using a String column to store the values would work? You could use JS to convert to integers within Retool apps

If you're noticing any bugs with Retool Database please let us know! This product is generally available & should be working reliably