Retool database connection not showing

We want to setup an external connection with our Retool database. Somehow we're not able to pull the credentials because "connection" is not showing in the dropdown. See example image.


Any update on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @timmen22! I updated your instance's RetoolDB so you should see the connection string now. Let me know if that resolves this for you, or if you are still having issues finding it.

Hi Joe!

It's still not working. Could you check it again?

Thanks and looking forward hearing from you.

-- Tim

@timmen22 Your org is setup with the new provider with connection details. Can you click on Connection when you go to the Retool Database dropdown?
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.28.08 AM

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.28.14 AM