Retool component inside custom component

Hi, is it possible to nest some retool components inside a custom component?

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Hey @andrea_bluelabs! I don't believe this is currently possible, unfortunately. Just so I can share any product feedback back to the team, would you mind sharing a bit more context around your ideal workflow here?

Sorry for the late reply,

Yeah the workflow would be to maybe create a wrapper around an existing component.
For example say there is an existing table component that I want to incorporate inside my custom component, this would be very useful.

Thank you

Hello! Any updates on this ?

I'm currently trying to work with the Reorderable Lists but these are so limited in what you can customise that I was thinking of wrapping it in a custom component to try and define a different style for the list.

No updates on this component just yet. What is your ideal use case? :slight_smile: Would the list view component work for you by any chance?