Retool AI GPT Model Appears Incorrect


In a "Generate Chat Response" action with Retool AI, when I select gpt-4 and ask it which model it's based on, it tells me it's based on gpt-3 instead.

I went on to ChatGPT and asked the same question using gpt-4, and it gave me the correct answer.

How do we know, by selecting gpt-4 in Retool AI, that we are actually using gpt-4 not 3.5? Are we actually using gpt-4?

Hey @brianzjj! Great question, and this is definitely a bit confusing. Retool AI uses the OpenAI API which has an earlier knowledge cutoff than what ChatGPT uses (which is actually very recent).

Essentially, the API doesn’t know it’s GPT-4 or the existence of GPT-4 because it was trained when only GPT-3 was around. As soon as the knowledge cutoff date for the API is updated to a point in time when GPT-4 was in existence, you should receive the same answer from both.