REST API - Filter by multiple values?

For REST APIs generated using the API generator, there is a list of commands available with examples (see screenshot).

I was gonna ask if there is a way to filter by multiple values of the same column:


I think I figured it out by simply repeating the column name and the value:


While this does achieve the output I need, I still wonder if there is a simpler way to go about it, since building the query this way feels too complex. It would be much simpler to simply pass a column name and a comma separated list of values for it.

Basically, something similar to this SQL query:

SELECT * FROM data WHERE columnName IN (value1,value2,value3);

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @27shutterclicks One option is to generate the full url in Javascript, and then reference that url in a Rest API query:

If you prefer sql syntax, you might consider querying all of the data with your api query and then using a Query JSON with SQL query to filter that data: