Resolve SQL bit columns as checkboxes


I'm new to Retool so bear with me :grin:

When generating a form from an SQL resource, all bit columns are evaluated as text input, albeit resolving to boolean values true/false.
At generation phase, when you still can modify the label and field type, I cannot (didn't find how to) select a checkbox type. Same on the element inspect windows, on the switch component window I can make it a date (?!) but not a checkbox.

I resorted to add new checkbox components for all my bit columns, map them to the correct data, move them to the right place and remove the original ones but that's not very efficient with 25+ columns. Is there another better way to do this.

I haven't found yet any earlier relevant post in the forum, sorry if this question has already been answered.


Hey @fabienlag! Thanks for reaching out about this! Welcome them to our community!

It sounds like we may need to look into some current limitations with our form generator :thinking:

What is the resource type you used (MySQL, Postgres, etc)?

Hi Tess,

Thanks for your reaction. My resource is MS SQL server