Resize/compress image from camera

In my app I'm taking a photo for proof of delivery. I want to submit the photo to our backend, but before submitting, I'd like to resize the image.
I've noticed that when using the builtin options, my resized and compressed image is larger then the original one.

These settings result in an image of 464955 bytes

While these settings result in an images of 518083 bytes

It's even bigger. Might not be the exact same image, but I'd be expecting a much smaller file. I also don't see the resolution change.

Or am I looking at the wrong value?

After resizing, I want to convert the file to a base64 string, which is working fine using


Hey @mbruijnpff!

It looks like these screenshots are from the web editor - are you seeing this on your mobile devices as well? If so which ones?

(Attached an app you can import for testing if that's helpful!)
Mobile-20Sandbox (1).json

Yes, these screenshots were from the web editor.
I tried it with your app and on my iphone it was working fine. Size was about 20% of original.

On my macbook the sizes were the same in preview, both original and resized images around 460 kb. Odd, as the camera is HD.

So it seems to work fine on my iphone, which is in this case the most important. Didn't think of checking it this way.