Reset or clear form after submission

I have the reset form in success submission but my forms are not resetting or clearing....kindly help

@jakinda1 Please post some screenshots... as it is difficult to ascertain what is going wrong in your app.

@ScottR my apologies
the first on is the form inspect area
Screenshot from 2022-07-22 15-57-04

this is the even handler of the button , I added a script run to close the modal after the insert query
Screenshot from 2022-07-22 15-58-13

I would need to see the form and understand what happens after submission...also, you don't need to use the event handler to close the modal - you should close the modal when the form has been submitted and (assuming here) the query inserting the data has completed Successfully using the Event handler section below the query

And you should select Control component and then select that modal component name and then choose Close.

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I am not in a position to share a screen recording am afraid, but after the form information is submitted successfully and shows on the display table, when I want to insert a new record I still get contents of the previous entries

You should reach out to support if you have a paid plan if you cannot share your screen in the forum - sorry but it is not possible for me to help any further without seeing more

thank you @ScottR you have solved the issue with the above suggestion