Request login for queries depending on a custom auth resource


My retool apps use queries that depend on a custom authentication resource (login form).

I expect that when the user is not logged in to the custom authentication workflow, it will ask them to do so by forcing them to fill the login form. It used to work, but not anymore.

The resource's login form isn't displayed when the user first uses the app, so all queries fail because the user is not logged into my resource. How can I fix this?

Thank you,

Hey @Wassim! Can you share your resource setup here? Feel free to redact any sensitive urls etc. Do you know when this stopped working for you?

Hi @joeBumbaca !

It stopped working 3 month ago.

Here are screenshots of our resource ;

I tried checking/unchecking "run this custom auth workflow without prompting the user" but there's no effect on my issue.