"Auth trigger: Login test URL" does NOT appear to get invoked

I have a Resource setup with "Custom Auth" as depicted below. Notice it has an "Auth Trigger: Login test URL" configured as well. As well noticed I have clicked "Test again with current credentials" and the result indicates that the "Auth model will appear". I believe that if I use this resource in an app, the Auth Modal should appear and ask me for an email and password.

I have setup an app using this very resources. But when the resource is run, it does NOT appear to prompt the user with the "Auth Modal". Instead it appears to execute the base Resource's -> Custom Auth -> Api Request which tries to use the "Auth Modal" email and password fields, which are of course blank because the modal never pops up.

Do I have this configured wrong?

Hi there!

I'll gladly assist you with this!

The auth modal does not show up in Editor Mode! Could you check to see if it appears in Preview Mode?

That was exactly it!