Request headers not evaluating to false or undefined

I am trying to pass a request header based on a variable and whenever the variable does not equal true, the value is stringified. For example, I am trying to set a header = {{retoolContext.inEditorMode}}

It behaves as expected when {{retoolContext.inEditorMode}} evaluates to true:

But when it evaluates to false this is what I see:

Assuming this behavior is not expected?

Hey @stephbis! Was able to repro this and will bring it up with our core engineering team. In the interim, it does seem that using a ternary there will give you the header values that you are looking for:

Retool request:

Headers received:

Let me know if that works for you!

Hi @stephbis,

I think in the second case, it's evaluated to undefined instead of false, and thus excluded from the header list. @joeBumbaca is correct that you need to set this explicitly to true and false to keep it in the header list.

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