Repeatable list/grid view event handlers or Interaction options?

anybody know why the new repeatable list views don't have anything available that's normally under the 'Interaction' section? At least Disable would be nice. the new container list view and the legacy list view both have these options available so I assume this has something to do with the virtualization? like a give and take i guess, we get a performance boost but we lose customization. I'm not complaining, even though I had to find ways around not having access do Disable or Event Handlers i still find them way more React-ive (harrrrr punny me), I'm just curious why the difference =)


Hey @bobthebear, thanks for posting on the forums! This is a great question and I want to share as many details as possible so I have reached out to our Eng team to get some more details and will share them here once I have them!

Hey @bobthebear, the engineering team let me know that this really came down to prioritizing other features like aggregation, but we will get to implementing Disable, etc. Once we have any updates on that we will go ahead and share them here!