Remove first character from a JSON response

I need to remove the ^ from the beginning of this string before adding it to a custom column in a table, but I'm not sure how to do it. Would anyone be able to tell me where to start? I'm pretty new with this. Thank you!


@jsolon108 Welcome to the community!

You could, within the column itself within the mapped value field use. {{self.replace('^','')}}

Wonderful, thank you! It's a custom column, so I needed to do it a bit differently, but your advice got me there.

I now realize that I need to remove the period and number that comes after it as well. The problem is that that last number can be any number. How would I remove those last two characters as well without knowing what that last number might be?

This is how I ended up coding the first issue you helped with.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 123921

Using your code after replace('^','') add .split('.')[0]
like I have below

Great! Thank you. Always good to learn something new!

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