Extract JSON-Value in table


Given this json-value in a table:

how to extract the value (Una) itself?

Found this similar thread:

but not being able to solve as there isn't a specific mapper:

thanks in advance


I think you just need to call out the key you need in the Mapped Value area:

{{ item.bs }}

thank you for the fast answer.

works, but only for the very first row:

Is the name of the key is a known defined set of names? If so, you can try {{ item.bs || item.cs }} etc. for as many keys as you have/know.

Or if it is always the "first" key (the only key?), you can try something like {{ Object.keys(item)[0] }} but if you are getting a different key each time, that column might be better off as multiple columns, especially if the JSON can have multiple keys.

thanks again!

{{ Object.values(item)[0] }}

is more elegant in that case (value instead item).

now, as the text comes out of a json, it is formatted in another font (fix width) and differs from the rest. is there a way to fix that?

I think you just need to change the format of the column in the table to "String" from JSON and it should look like a standard string column

thanks a lot - I have to admit that it should be obvious...