Refresh modules without reloading entire app

I would like a button somewhere on the app builder that would refresh all of the included modules without needing to reload the entire app.

That would speed up Module development by a significant amount.

As I was writing this I noticed that I already proposed this back in July '21 but it got no traction. So, bump!


Hey @bradlymathews

Bump heard! We'll report back in the original thread when this is included. For now, I'm going to move this one out of Feature Requests to avoid duplicates.

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@Kabirdas any update for this feature? I start to build a module and face the same issue...

Hey @yuyuyu! The feature hasn't been picked up yet but it's still on the radar.

Hey I created a walkaround since I didn't see they added the option to refresh a module.
One the input state of a module changes it re-runs it and acts like a "refresh" so -

  • I created a temporary state that has an initial value of 0,
  • then wrote a simple JS to .setValue(1) of the temporary state,
  • and then upon successful run of the JS I set the temporary state back to 0.
    Basically it quickly changes the value and returns it to the original value therefore create a refresh.

Has this been resolved? After making a change to data in the database, navigating back to the previous screen doesn't update or refresh with the updated dataset.

Hey @Augustine_Whitehouse, seems like that is a different issue than the one @bradlymathews originally posted about. If you want to refresh the data in the app, you can Reset app state by clicking the circular arrow icon on the bottom of the page.
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