Refresh modules without reloading entire app

I would like a button somewhere on the app builder that would refresh all of the included modules without needing to reload the entire app.

That would speed up Module development by a significant amount.

As I was writing this I noticed that I already proposed this back in July '21 but it got no traction. So, bump!


Hey @bradlymathews

Bump heard! We'll report back in the original thread when this is included. For now, I'm going to move this one out of Feature Requests to avoid duplicates.

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@Kabirdas any update for this feature? I start to build a module and face the same issue...

Hey @yuyuyu! The feature hasn't been picked up yet but it's still on the radar.

Hey I created a walkaround since I didn't see they added the option to refresh a module.
One the input state of a module changes it re-runs it and acts like a "refresh" so -

  • I created a temporary state that has an initial value of 0,
  • then wrote a simple JS to .setValue(1) of the temporary state,
  • and then upon successful run of the JS I set the temporary state back to 0.
    Basically it quickly changes the value and returns it to the original value therefore create a refresh.