Reformatting form data before entering into Retool DB

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a form set up to enter a record into the Retool Database. Most columns have their values set via the form fields, whilst there is one column which contains a JSON object.

On the form, I have an additional 4 input fields set up that I would like to format their values into the JSON object, then have that submitted.

I was looking for the best way to achieve this, however I can't find any resources. I did come across transforms, however that only looks to be for transforming data that is returned from a query.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Product Group Overwrite fields will be formatted into the JSON object

Hi @joshMEA Thanks for reaching out!

You could use a standalone transformer - they don't need to be tied to a query.

You could also do this transformer inside your Retool Database write query (inside of the {{}})

Hey @Tess, thankyou for your response!

I'll give this a try!

Edit: This works beautifully, thankyou!