Refining data between tables

I have a main table (table_data) that pulls in scraped emails for my team to review. Each email has a "message_id" associated with it.

I want my secondary table (table_approver) to pull in just the rows that have a matching "message_id" from the selected row.

Each "message_id" has roughly 5-10 rows associated with it, so if I click on one row in table_data the expected behavior for table_approver is that it will add 5-10 rows that have the same message_id.

Does that make sense? Here are other details:

*Both tables are using a Google sheet as their source data
*I've got the below Javascript transformer firing when a user selects a row
*It returns an error and success at the same time

try {
  const selectedRow = test_table_a.selectedRow;
  if (selectedRow) {
    const messageId =;
    console.log('Selected Message ID:', messageId);

    // Filter test_table_b data to find all rows with matching message_id
    const filteredData = => row.message_id === messageId);
    console.log('Filtered Data for test_table_b:', filteredData);

    // Wait for setData() to complete before logging
    await test_table_b.setData(filteredData);
    console.log('test_table_b Data after setData:',;
  } else {
    console.error('No row is selected in test_table_a.');
} catch (error) {
  console.error('Error:', error);

At a loss for what to do next.

Hey @Brent_Brooks Thanks for reaching out! If you haven't already sorted this out, this could be a good question to chat through in office hours